Take your Vocabulary from Average to Amazing

Learn 300+ high-level vocabulary words, so you can speak and write like a master of the English language

You Already Have Enough English To Communicate.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand more English vocabulary that native speakers use.
  • Produce the target vocabulary confidently and accurately.
  • Speak English with more confidence.
  • Improve your English fluency and vocabulary.
  • Start to use 300 new words and phrases without thinking.

Course Content

  • Advanced Vocabulary And Collocations Course –> 31 lectures • 2hr 27min.

Take your Vocabulary from Average to Amazing


  • You Already Have Enough English To Communicate.
  • Now It’s Time To Take Your Vocabulary From “Average” To Amazing.
  • Your English is adequate for most situations… but you feel like your vocabulary is just a little too “simple.
  • You want to express yourself more fluently, without using the same basic words over and over.
  • Maybe you’ve tried reading a lot to build your vocabulary, but progress is slow.
  • You might read a whole article and only learn a couple new words.
  • And most English-learning apps and online lessons are too easy for you because they teach words you already know.

What if you could learn 300 advanced words in the next few weeks – by studying just a few minutes a day?

Let’s Take Your Vocabulary From Simple To Sophisticated!


What Students Say:

  • Excellent material and the vocabulary helps me improve my conversation. I have covered almost all subjects and day to day activities. I love it :-)” (Laura)
  • “I love how the course is structured! Everything is clearly explained! I could almost sit the whole day in front of the computer and study with this course!!! All the things are easy to understand.” (Natasha)
  • “I’ve been learning lots of new words and I think my English sounds more natural every day. I discovered many expressions that I’ve never seen in the common English books.” (Celine)
  • “Your course is absolutely essential to speak English confidently, avoiding mistakes or inappropriate sentences.” (Irina)


The Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course Will Help You:

  1. Build your vocabulary with advanced words
  2. Put words together naturally (the same way a native speaker would)
  3. Practice your new vocabulary so you’ll actually remember it
  4. Sound more intelligent and well-educated in English

Are You Ready To Advance Your Vocabulary To A Higher Level?

Hi, I’m Andreea – a CELTA-qualified English teacher. I’ve helped more than 10,000 students like you, from all over the world, improve their English through my clear and practical lessons. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, I know how to get you the results you want from your English learning, without wasting your time.


In this course, it’s like I am sitting in the room with you, guiding you to improve your vocabulary as you follow me to learn how to use 10 new words and phrases each day in 30 different contexts. You will learn the target English vocabulary at a deep level, so that you can sound more native-like when you speak English.

  • Each section focuses on 10 carefully selected target words so that you can master each one and produce them accurately in your spoken English.
  • This course is extremely detailed, so you can fully master the target English.
  • If you want to speak English more clearly, if you want to sound more native-like, or if you simply want to take your English to a higher level, this course can help you achieve your goal of taking your English to the next level.
  • This course is also perfect for anyone taking an IELTS test, TOEFL test, TOEIC test, or Cambridge exam.

NO! You don’t need to study for long hours every day!

NO! You don’t need to memorize boring lists of words (that no one really uses)


YES! You can give your vocabulary a powerful boost with fast, focused lessons!

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