Solved AP Calculus BC Style Integrals

Review Integrals Through a Variety of Exercises

This is a course for those who have already taken the following courses:

What you’ll learn

  • Integration with Power Rule.
  • Derivative Chain Rule.
  • Finding the Maximum Value of a Function.
  • Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
  • Integration of Improper Integrals.
  • Variable Substitution in Integrals.
  • Integration in Polar Coordinates.

Course Content

  • Solved Questions –> 47 lectures • 2hr 46min.

Solved AP Calculus BC Style Integrals


This is a course for those who have already taken the following courses:

1. Trigonometry

2. Algebra

3. Calculus I

4. Calculus II

This is a problem solving course. It’s not a teaching course where concepts are developed as if you were sitting in a first semester calculus class. Please be sure to note this carefully.  In other words, you are already to have a pretty solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of calculus before taking this course. This course focuses on showing you how to solve a variety of integration questions of the type and difficulty that might be found in advanced placement level classes. In order to reflect the random name of questions on tests and the AP Calc. BC test, the questions are not arranged in any particular order. You should pause and try to solve each question before I solve it. Please note that I show you my solutions, which is not to say you cannot think of another one. The good thing about math is that sometimes there are multiple ways to the same answer.  These are my own questions, but they are reflective of my experience teaching experience.

1. Using the power rule for integrals

2. Integrating with inverse functions

3. Using the fundamental theorem of calculus

4. Differentiating integrals

5. Using integrals to get velocity

6. Using integrals to get position

7. Integration of improper integrals.

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