Japanese for Beginners | Mastering Hiragana

An ideal for Completely beginner Japanese learners. Master the Japanese writing system and lay the foundations.

Welcome to my Japanese for Absolute Beginners 1 | Hiragana class

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to read Hiragana.
  • Learn how to write Hiragana.
  • Learn how to pronounce the Hiragana characters properly.
  • Gain practice writing Hiragana characters.

Course Content

  • Course introduction –> 2 lectures • 9min.
  • Gojuon-zu –> 29 lectures • 2hr 55min.
  • Sound variations of Hiragana –> 13 lectures • 1hr 26min.

Japanese for Beginners | Mastering Hiragana


  • Interest in learning Japanese writing system.

Welcome to my Japanese for Absolute Beginners 1 | Hiragana class

This class is for absolute beginner Japanese learners, and anyone learning Japanese for the first time must begin with learning Hiragana, one of three writing systems in Japanese.

The main aim of this class is to help you develop mastery of Hiragana, and because of this aim of developing mastery, this class is designed to be interactive. Each lesson contains speaking practices which force you to read the hiragana characters, and constant repetition and recalling will help you to remember the hiragana characters you are learning.

As well as learning how to read the characters and pronounce the characters, we also want you to develop skills in writing Hiragana characters. As such, our lessons contains video clips showing you how to write each character. Additionally, there are writing worksheets, so you can practice writing the letters you are learning, further helping you to develop mastery of Hiragana.

We plan to expand this course in the future. Therefore, as well as learning Hiragana characters, we will also add lessons to teach Katakana and also teach conversation skills in Japanese.

We hope you are excited to learn Hiragana and we look forward to seeing you in our lessons

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