Fluent English Speaking

50 Ways to Improve your English

This class will teach you 50 ways in which you can learn English.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn English Speaking.
  • English Conversation.
  • English Grammar.
  • English Vocabulary.
  • English Listening.
  • English Writing.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 12 lectures • 47min.

Fluent English Speaking


This class will teach you 50 ways in which you can learn English.

Many learners don’t know how to improve their English past the intermediate level, so this course shares valuable steps as well as actionable advice to push you to an advanced English level.

These 50 ideas will help you to improve your English speaking, listening, grammar, reading, vocabulary and overall communication.

It is NOT for beginners, but tips for intermediate and advanced English learners to become fluent English users.

Join us on this learning experience to improve your English ability!


The class project is to create a journal, physical or digital, and record the steps that you take to learn English.

For each of the unit videos, you have to record a plan of action. How you will study or practice to improve your English from Intermediate level, to advanced.

After watching each video, write down how you can implement that in your journal. Keeping this journal will serve as inspiration, and reflection of your English improvement.


  1. How will you prioritize English in your life?
  2. Use English more
  3. Find study buddies
  4. Set English goals
  5. Visualize
  6. Make English interesting
  7. Connect hobbies
  8. Interesting topics
  9. Using technology
  10. Improve vocabulary
  11. Practice reading
  12. English conversations
  13. Grammar
  14. Break the rules
  15. Use media
  16. Repetition = Retention
  17. English learning apps
  18. Become fluent
  19. shadowing
  20. Network with native speakers
  21. Join clubs
  22. Learn by travel
  23. Make English friends
  24. Language exchange
  25. Reward your improvement

This project is a complete journal that serves as a roadmap to your success as an English learner.

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