Certified Basic to Advanced Microsoft Word Course | 2022

Learn how to use the most essentials, advanced and complex tools and features in Word!

Let’s dive deep into Microsoft Word together!

What you’ll learn

  • All the essentials of Word.
  • All the details in Microsoft word.
  • Page layout.
  • Quick access bar.
  • Header and footer.
  • Capital letter.
  • Save documents on the web.
  • Text formatting features.
  • Footnotes, citations and bibliographies.
  • Languages, spelling and grammar.
  • Configuration of hyperlinks.
  • How to protect documents.

Course Content

  • BASIC NOTIONS –> 5 lectures • 26min.
  • Insert and Shortcuts tab I –> 5 lectures • 17min.
  • Formatting –> 6 lectures • 22min.
  • Layout and Mail Merge –> 5 lectures • 23min.

Certified Basic to Advanced Microsoft Word Course | 2022


Let’s dive deep into Microsoft Word together!


This course will help you improve your skills in the Word document manager and text editor.

Much more than a file editor, Word is a powerful document management tool!

This is also important knowledge for anyone looking for their first job or improving their position at work. In this course you learn to use the main tools of the editor; how to format texts, how to add date and time, footers, images, headers and many other functions.

Here you will learn how to use reference notes, create automatic summaries, create direct mail, among other resources that will facilitate the execution of tasks aimed at professional and academic works.


In this course you will find:

– Text formatting features;

– Footnotes, citations and bibliographies;

– Languages, spelling and grammar;

– Configuration of hyperlinks;

– How to protect documents;

– Page layout;

– Quick access bar;

– Header and footer;

– Capital letter;

– Save documents on the web.


Main Features:

– Video practical trainings;

– Exercises;

– Quizzes;

– Downloadable Resources and Ebooks!

– Unlimited access;

– Udemy Digital Course Completion Certificate



Quizzes that test your knowledge throughout the content.

The quizzes will help you with theoretical and practical understanding.


CERTIFICATE / How to get your certificate:

Once you have fully completed the course and achieved the minimum required achievement, you will be able to download this Course’s Digital Certificate of Completion.


Let’s dive deep into Microsoft Word together!

Once you have the first building blocks of Microsoft Word right, it will be much easier for you to make sense of complex operations at other levels.

Every single piece of information you learn will be permanent in your mind, and it will be much easier for you to remember, thanks to the short reinforcing quizzes that hit the pill-like one-shot topic directly from 12, right after each topic that will provide the reinforcements you will need throughout the course.


We have prepared the information and the quizzes that reinforce them like an easily understandable one-shot pill, so your learning process will be fast, comfortable and fluid…


And most importantly, you will gain a deep learning experience, not a superficial one! In this way, unlike the others, what you read, hear and see in this course will not fly away, and your memory will remain with you, and your power of memory will be much higher and more effective.


Lets! If you are ready now,

Let’s dive deep into Microsoft Word together!