Remedy Doors “The ins and outs” EXTERIOR

Learn how to install or repair any exterior door.

Hi Home Menders!

What you’ll learn

  • Installation and Repair of Exterior Doors.

Course Content

  • “Remedy Doors” The ins and outs. EXTERIOR –> 13 lectures • 1hr 16min.

Remedy Doors


  • Be prepared to be door savvy.

Hi Home Menders!

Any home repair specialist should be able to remedy doors. Doors are everywhere. They’re in every room of the house, on every deck and enter every garage. Knowing how to handle yourself when it comes to doors, hinges on you being open to the ins and outs.

In Remedy doors, you will learn about all door types and styles, weather pre hung, split jamb, slider, bifold or hinged. You will be made familiar with the anatomy of an interior door and exterior door, locksets included. You will master weatherstripping and sweeps and how to install an exterior door by yourself and with ease. You will also grasp how to repair any door issue, including doors rubbing jambs, when hinge holes are too bored out and eliminating daylight seen from inside an exterior door.

Whether Replacing an Exterior Pre-hung door in the jamb, Replacing a sliding glass door or installing a storm door, This  Course has got you covered.

The course also teaches:

How to replace slider handles, storm door handles and mortise locks

How to install sweeps and weatherstripping on any exterior door

How to cut out  and replace an exterior door jamb

How to replace brickmould

How to Shim, insulate and caulk door jambs and much more.

We’ve got alot to learn here.

Let’s get to it.