Embossing Folder Tips, Tricks & Techniques Class

Learn 15 different Embossing Techniques to use in your Die Cutting Machine

Welcome to the Embossing folder Tips, Tricks & Techniques Class!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn 15 Different Embossing techniques to use in your die cutting machine.
  • Learn the difference between and how to use 2D and 3D Embossing folders.
  • Learn how to create an Embossed background without an Embossing folder.
  • Learn how to use different products to enhance your Embossed background.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 19 lectures • 1hr 31min.

Embossing Folder Tips, Tricks & Techniques Class


Welcome to the Embossing folder Tips, Tricks & Techniques Class!

Using Embossing folders on your Handmade Cards is a great way to add interest and visual texture. There are so many different Techniques you can use to add extra interest to your Embossed Pieces. This class will cover 15 Different Embossing Techniques you can use on your Handmade Cards!  This class focuses on each one of  the Embossing technique but I do show you how that technique piece has been used on a finished card so that you can see it in use. I do not show you how to create the finished cards but the designs are super simple to keep the focus on the Embossed background.

This class comes with a Supply List PDF. The PDF has Pictures of Cards created with each of the Embossing Techniques taught in this class as well as the supplies to create each one. Those supplies are linked to where you can purchase them if you choose. You can find the Supply List PDF Link with the Introduction Video.

In this class you will learn:

1 -Basic Embossing and Inking Technique

2 -How to create a Letterpress Embossed look

3 -How to stamp an Embossed Background

4 -How to Double Emboss your card Background

5 -Adding Heat Embossing to your Embossed Background

6 -Using Mica Sprays with your Embossing Folders

7 -How to use Dies to create an Embossed Background

8 -Embossing a background with Stencils

9 -Using Die cuts to create an Embossed Background

10 -Creating a Colour Block Background

11 -Enhancing an Embossed background with Inka Gold

12 -Enhancing an Embossed background with Leafing wax

13 -How to create a Grunge Metal embossed background

14 -Using Gelli Prints to create an Embossed Background

15 -How to Create an Embossed background with Pigment Powders

Note: The Supply List lets you know what supplies were used for each of the Techniques in this class. You can easily substitute different embossing folders and ink colours for each of these techniques. I use a Big shot for my embossed backgrounds and share the stacking needed for the different Embossing folders used. If you create with a different die cutting/embossing machine you will need to find out the stacking for the machine you use as I do not own other machines.

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