Learn SQL in an hour

Learn how to write SQL queries from basics to advanced

Learn SQL in an hour:

What you’ll learn

  • SQL Basics as well as advanced topics.
  • SQL Datatypes.
  • SQL Operators.
  • SQL Tables and Joins.
  • CRUD Operations on SQL Tables.
  • SQL Functions.
  • SQL Important Keywords/Statements.
  • Dynamic Query.
  • Temporary Tables.
  • Temporary Variables.
  • Stored Procedure.
  • Triggers.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 16 lectures • 1hr 6min.

Learn SQL in an hour


Learn SQL in an hour:

  • Are you a fresh Data / business analyst who wants to learn a new skill ?
  • Are you thinking about entering into Analytics / Data Science world ?
  • Do you want to become a professional Software / Web Application Developer and increase your income Exponentially ?
  • Are you a University Student Working Towards a Computer Science or Information Technology Degree ?

Then, this is the right place for you. I have been working for SQL for more than 5 years now and currently working as a data engineer. This course will give you an understanding of how powerful SQL is and will make you knowledgeable enough to start writing SQL queries, apply functions, create stored procedures, do complex calculations, etc.

After learning this course, you will be ready to perform the duties of a SQL developer as well as a data analyst who analyzes large amount of data within Milliseconds.

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