Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Approved Course

Welcome to the Anjali Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course!

What you’ll learn

  • By taking this course, you will learn, step by step, how to teach safe prenatal yoga classes.
  • Learn the top 18 pregnancy friendly yoga poses.
  • Learn the physical, mental and emotional benefits of pregnancy yoga.
  • Learn how to make sure mum and baby are safe in a yoga class.
  • You will have a good understanding of mums anatomy, how her body changes each trimester and how yoga can assist her.
  • You will learn about baby’s development.
  • You will learn about the pelvic floor muscles, where they are and how to make them stronger.
  • Learn about common issues during pregnancy, how yoga can help these issues or what poses mum needs to avoid.
  • How to sequence a pregnancy yoga class.
  • Pranayama, breathwork and meditation in a prenatal yoga class.
  • Legal matters and insurance.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 6 lectures • 18min.
  • Anatomy for Prenatal Yoga –> 20 lectures • 36min.
  • Teaching Prenatal Yoga –> 6 lectures • 55min.
  • Postnatal Yoga –> 2 lectures • 18min.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! –> 2 lectures • 7min.

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course


Welcome to the Anjali Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course!

This course will teach you everything you need to know to teach safe, fun and calming pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes!

Our course is a Yoga Alliance approved continuing education course.

The Anjali Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course will cover:

  • Pregnancy yoga benefits – including the physical, mental and emotional benefits
  • Intentions – your intentions as a teacher and mums intentions in a yoga class
  • Safety – how to keep mum and baby safe in your yoga classes
  • Anatomy – we will cover the pregnant body by trimester, baby’s development, the pelvic floor, common issues during pregnancy and hormones
  • Pregnancy friendly yoga poses – learn the top 25 yoga poses that are great for the pregnant woman, our exclusive yoga pose guide will include video instructions of each pose, the English and Sanskrit names, pose benefits, contraindications and steps for each pose
  • Sequencing – how to sequence a good pregnancy yoga class
  • Sample pregnancy yoga class and class theme ideas
  • Pranayama, breath work and meditation for pregnancy
  • Postnatal yoga guidelines – how to guide mum through a yoga class when she is recovering from pregnancy and birth
  • Postnatal yoga poses
  • Legal matters for prenatal and postnatal classes

You will also receive wonderful resources with this course including a printable workbook with all of the information from the course, two fully illustrated, printable yoga pose guides, one for prenatal yoga, the other for postnatal yoga detailing over 30 yoga poses and printable PDF meditation scripts to guide your students through calming, pregnancy focused meditations.

All of our resources are exclusive to Anjali Yoga!

This course will provide you with all of the skills, tools and knowledge you need to confidently and safely teach prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.