Meditation For Warriors – Subjective Pathworking Meditation

Meditation & imagery techniques, quests, and journeys to explore, repair, and protect the fortress that is your mind.

You are going to die.

What you’ll learn

  • You Will Learn How To Enter A Deep Meditative State Instantly.
  • You Will Learn How To Dive Deep Into And Repair Your Subconscious.
  • You Will Learn How To Destroy The Self Hate, Self Loathing, And Apathy Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals.
  • You Will Learn How To Become Unstoppable.

Course Content

  • Introduction To Subjective Pathworking –> 1 lecture • 7min.
  • Warrior Pathworking –> 8 lectures • 2hr.

Meditation For Warriors - Subjective Pathworking Meditation


  • You Should Want To Live As A True Warrior.

You are going to die.

Also, everyone you know and love will also die at some point, some possibly sooner than you.

Perhaps worse still, you are going to experience hardships during the course of your life on your way to death. Some may be quite painful. Whether you live for ten years, fifty years, or one hundred, makes no difference. Death makes no exceptions.

Each of us can expect to have things not go our way at several points during our lives and the sad fact is that most people will lead lives that will be completely unpleasant and consistently experience great pain and suffering.

Our reality is such that at any moment we could lose our lives or have our loved ones taken away from us; around every corner could be an accident waiting to happen that could irrevocably change us for whatever amount of time we have left; that we will build things and have them unfairly taken from us or watch them be destroyed.

The question is not how do we stop these things, because we can’t, the question is, how do we best live in a world where these events are not a possibility, but a reality.

The masses cope with the harsh nature of life by burying their heads in the sand and either pretend like the realities of death and hardship don’t exist, or (and as evidenced by the modern rampant use of prescription drugs) build around themselves an impression of reality that is dangerously incorrect.

Warriors instead, stare death, hardship, and life trials directly in the face in order to confront it totally prepared. This is done through the ancient practice of subjective pathworking meditation.

Most warrior cultures across the world developed these pathworking meditation traditions to deliberately induce states of consciousness in order to deal with and accurately adjust or overcome such harsh realities.

This was done a number of different ways including the use of rhythmic drums, breathing, meditation, prayer, psychoactive drugs, or the performance of feats or quests that couldn’t be successfully completed without tapping into alternative ways of operating.

The term pathworking itself refers to the art of changing a warrior’s consciousness to rebuild, repair, or maintain aspects of your life and self.

It provides those on the warrior’s path with the tools, mindset, and practices needed to live a happy, purposeful, and tranquil life…

Regardless of how much pain and suffering that warrior may experience or how long or short their lives end up being.

Warrior’s who embrace and practice pathworking meditation on a consistent basis find that their mental picture of reality becomes such a powerful force for overall stability, that it eventually creates the circumstances that maintain it. Almost as if it where a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Perhaps you’ve heard of or read about the law of attraction, positive thinking, or affirmations.

Perhaps you’ve experimented previously with guided meditation, prayer, or psychological reflection.

That is all well and good, but chances are that like most warriors, you concluded and found such techniques to be unsustainable, ineffective, and unproductive.

That’s because for those with the warrior’s mind and heart to live, to achieve, or even to conquer, “escaping” or “fleeing” from reality goes against every fiber of our very being.

Warriors fight and warriors battle. Retreating to recalibrate and regroup is always a viable and acceptable option, but removing focus from the task on hand is not the way of the warrior.

Instead warrior pathworking meditation focuses directly on the issues as needed through visualization of symbolic conversion. In essence altering very real situations and problems into symbolic associations in order to explore difficulties, challenges, and life trials from alternate angles.

Throughout this program you will be guided through warrior pathworking meditation techniques, quests, and journeys to explore, repair, and protect the fortress that is your mind.

Your memory will vastly improve, as will your problem solving and creative abilities.

Any social or situational anxiety will rapidly dissipate, and both your mental and spiritual well-being will swiftly become impervious to outside manipulations.

You will at any moment be able to remove yourself completely from reality in order to focus fully and without distraction on conquering whatever obstacle stands in your way.

Warrior pathworking meditation is the most powerful practice I’ve ever discovered, but there is a certain amount of danger to it because it a form of willed disassociation.

It can be abnormally addicting, particularly for those not on the warrior’s path as they will see it as a means of escape from their tortured reality rather than as the means to change it.

Therefore it is your duty as a warrior to use pathworking meditation only for good purposes and intentions, to apply your own usage only to combating or fixing issues in the real world, and to practice it with respect and responsibility.


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