Python exercises for everybody

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Hello programmer,

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to master the logic behind a particular problem as the challenges have a wide range and are solved in the most comprehensive way.
  • You will be feel the need to come out of your comfort zone to solve each challenge &that will make most of your coding fears go away.
  • You will be able to understand your coding style& your comfort zone more after solving these challenges.
  • You will get the confidence that is needed to become a good programmer.

Course Content

  • INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON –> 13 lectures • 32min.
  • Section 2 –> 9 lectures • 18min.
  • Section 3 –> 16 lectures • 36min.

Python exercises for everybody


Hello programmer,

Software programming is all about problem solving skills combined with common sense that is applied in different scenarios to get our work done through machines such as our computer.A language is used as a tool so that we can communicate with the machine or our computer.Thus, language plays an important part & if we are comforatbly able to talk to our computers or machines then we will also be able to get our work done more easily& efficiently. I, personally found Python to be one such language which is easy& efficient enough to learn and apply.Python is a very powerful language and It is easy as well.Some amount of work in our behalf makes us proficient enough in this language.

What amount & how much work we should do with this language.

Here comes our course comprising 36 coding challenges.

These challenges are ranged from basic to advanced level(not very advanced) and these will test your metal to solve any problem.

What you need to solve these challenges?

The answer is some basic Python stuff & common sense.

How to break a particular challenge?

The answer is we should take a copy and pen and start writing the pseudo code first. Pseudo code is the code that is basically written to break the challenge. So that its solving approach be known. Once we are aware of the approach, we should reach to our IDE’S and start playing with it in a very calm way. We should check the process by debugging the entire code. Debugging gives us the idea about how& what things are missing or wrongly applied in a particular scenario.

Finally, we will solve the problem & our programs will be bug free also.

I am a self taught programmer & I am very passionate about programming.

I will be trying to add more challenges with every passing week as I love coding  and it has become my passion also.

Once again it is good to have you in this journey!

Happy Coding!