Learn To Create A First Person Shooter With Unity & C#

Learn C# with Unity And Take Your Game Development Skills To The Next Level

This course will teach you how to:

What you’ll learn

  • Create your FPS Zombie shooter with Unity.
  • Unity C# Fundamentals and Coding.
  • Animations (Basic and Advanced).
  • AI Logic.
  • Camera Controls for Player and FPS view.
  • Player Movement & Logic.
  • Inverse Kinematics for improved animations.
  • Animation States and State Behaviours.
  • Animation Layers.
  • Animation Mask for blending or combining animations.
  • Configure, Import and use downloaded characters in your project.
  • Render Target Texture.
  • PostProcessing for nice graphics and effects.
  • Use the asset store.
  • Colliders & Triggers.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Unity Fundamentals –> 5 lectures • 49min.
  • Creating The Game –> 22 lectures • 7hr 30min.

Learn To Create A First Person Shooter With Unity & C#


  • Latest version of unity installed.
  • Basic programming experience – Beginner level.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Create 3D FPS Zombie Shooter Game for Unity
  • Crawling, Running and Biting Zombies
  • Create Perfabs
  • Create Camera control scripts for your character
  • Render Target texture and animated health slider bar
  • Create AI logic for zombie characters
  • Create blend trees and animation states
  • Create State Behaviour scripts
  • Animate your characters (AI & Player)
  • Apply Inverse Kinematics for improved animations
  • Code C# scripts and use them in your game
  • Instantiating and shooting bullets
  • Scriptable Objects
  • Detect collisions, receive user input and create player movements
  • Add sounds to your game
  • Solve fun challenges
  • Understand the fundamentals of C# such as “if” statements and arrays
  • Use the asset store to download, configure and add your zombie characters to your project.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner level Unity developers who wants to learn more 3D FPS arms game creation with Unity

All the scripts for the course is available for download in the last lecture.

Why Learn Game Development with Unity?

  • There is a high demand for Unity Developers
  • The gaming industry is a $100+ billion industry worldwide.
  • Unity is the most widely used engine today to develop games across multiple platforms (Mobile, iOS, VR, etc)
  • Game development is a fun, exciting and a rewarding career

Why learn from me ?

I have a strong passion for creating games with Unity. I started learning from professionals on Udemy and I have done more than 10 projects totally. The different games I have created are several stunning 2D and 3D games. Some of them are of commercial quality. With this course, I want to share my passion and help others to get started creating games in Unity.