Java Basics and More for Testers

Java , Junit, TestNG and Git Basics


What you’ll learn

  • Java For Testers.
  • Basics of Java Programming Language.
  • Testing Frameworks JUnit and TestNG.
  • Github for Testers.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 13min.
  • Java Programming –> 18 lectures • 2hr 10min.
  • Testing Frameworks –> 6 lectures • 43min.
  • Github Basics –> 1 lecture • 16min.

Java Basics and More for Testers



I am Anuja Jain and I have designed this course for Manual Testers who wants to learn automation testing. This course covers Complete Basics of Java Programming with Examples , but as it is focused for Testers I have included topics like Testing Frameworks JUnit and TestNG and Git Basics.

This course will  make you ready to learn any Automation tool like Selenium , Appium ,RestAssured etc.. As you learn java you can learn any automation tool of your choice and become automation testers and update your skill-sets.


Tips For the Course-

Try examples by yourself as well during the course .This course is foundation for you before you learn any automation tool.

So code the concept examples yourself after watching the course videos.


Java For Testers Course Content-

Introduction –

Java Introduction

Java and Eclipse Installation

Hello World

Variables in Java

Data Types in Java

Operators in Java

Packages in Java

Loops and Conditional Statements

Jump Statements

Arrays in Java

Strings in Java

Constructors in Java


OOPS Concepts in Java

Inheritance in Java

Method Overloading and Method Overiding in Java

Abstraction in Java

Encapsulation in Java

Interfaces in Java

Exceptions in Java


Testing Frameworks –

JUnit Testing Framework- Introduction,Setup,Annotations,Assersions etc

TestNG Testing Framework -Introduction,Setup,Annotations,Assersions,Parameters,Priority,Grouping etc


Git Basics –

Introduction how to pull code, commit changes push to master branch etc..


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