DataDog for CI/CD [Continuous Integration/Delivery]

Monitor your CI/CD pipelines using DataDog

Welcome to this Datadog Monitoring Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to Integrate DataDog into your CI/CD process (Using Jenkins or Circle CI for example).
  • What is the role of DataDog in the DevOps process.
  • How to effectively use DataDog dashboards.
  • Why use Continuous Integration/Deployment.
  • Alerting on success of failure of CI pipeline via DataDog.
  • How to manage Maintenance and downtime windows using DataDog.
  • Integrate DataDog with Jira for project management.
  • Network monitoring using DataDog.
  • Cross Browser Testing after deployment.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 4 lectures • 18min.
  • Setting up DataDog for CI/CD –> 5 lectures • 56min.
  • Beyond just the CI Pipeline –> 5 lectures • 36min.

DataDog for CI/CD [Continuous Integration/Delivery]


  • A desire to learn and Crush It!.
  • A working Computer with either Windows/MacOS or Linux.
  • An Internet connection.
  • All technologies we will use will be free/have free trial versions.
  • Some Basic knowledge of unix/linux commands can be helpful, but not required.

Welcome to this Datadog Monitoring Course

We are very excited to get this course out to you. This course will take you from being a beginner to an expert in DataDog for DevOps.

In this course you will Learn by example, where we demonstrate all the concepts discussed so that you can see them working, and you can try them out for yourself as well.

My step-by-step training will initiate you into the world of DataDog and CI/CD.

DataDog works with  CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Delivery) tools and provides you with actionable insights. It allows you to monitor, track,  and send alerts depending on problematic trends Datadog may see. This can include a decline in successful builds, extended time periods being spent on specific stages etc.  DataDog will allow you to correlate data points from logs, services, networks etc.

Why Learn DataDog?

Another Question: What tool should you use for Pipeline Tracing when you have multiple branches and environments and need it in one place for analysis?

DataDog will help you in all stages of Continuous Integration. From granular visibility to high level overviews, DataDog is there for you. DataDog can leverage other tools like Slack, PagerDuty and AWS. Pinpoint all issues during the pipeline slow and setup monitors and alarms to track the pipeline. Use DataDog to visualize and create your branches and jobs. Finally, by integrating all your data sources, you can use DataDog to optimize your data visualization process. This is done by creating interactive dashboards, monitors and widgets in DataDog other 3rd party tools. DataDog helps us monitor all our metrics and logs. Email and Slack Alerting notify you of any upcoming issues.

During this course we will start by covering a range of concepts from an introduction to what an CI pipeline is, to APM, to the right way to use DataDog. We will then do a step by step guide of how to integrate DataDog into your pipelines using plugins and web-hooks. We cover all the popular integrations including Gitlab, Jenkins and Slack.  Finally we take a look at some real life examples to study where and how DataDog can help us. We ensure you learn the best practices at all times.

By the end of the course you will have set up and learnt to monitor your pipelines using Datadog like a pro.

Everything is well documented and separated, so you can find what you need. Assignments and Quizzes will make sure you stay on track and test your knowledge. The course will have a combination of theory and practical examples.