Creating your first game in Unity | 2D space shooter

From zero to first results in Unity and game development! Develop your first game and share with your friends!

Want to create games in Unity? Try your hand!

What you’ll learn

  • Install the Unity game engine.
  • Learn to use the core Unity interface.
  • Learn the C# programming language from scratch.
  • Learn what reactive programming is and learn how to use the UniRx library.
  • Create your first game and share it with your friends.

Course Content

  • Overview of the Unity cross-platform development environment –> 5 lectures • 16min.
  • C# programming language –> 14 lectures • 48min.
  • 3.Game development –> 19 lectures • 2hr 59min.

Creating your first game in Unity | 2D space shooter


Want to create games in Unity? Try your hand!


This course will take you step by step from installation to your first game.

In the first module:

  • You will install the Unity game engine.
  • Disassemble UnityHub and all additional resources installed in it.
  • Learn about the Unity interface. What is it divided into and what is each part used for.


In the second module, master from the very beginning:

  • C# programming language
  • Its features
  • Operators, loops and more


in the third module.

  • You will create your space shooter game in stages:
  • Creating the main menu
  • UI layout
  • Creating a game scene
  • Adding 2D and 3D object to the scene
  • Object Collision Handling
  • Adding Effects
  • Adding animations
  • Adding sounds
  • Learning Reactive Programming


To begin with, I want to tell you general information about the GameDev sphere.

The development team consists of various positions:

  • Game designer – develops the main idea of ​​the game, as well as ideas for all game mechanics with which the player interacts.
  • The director thinks over the plot and dialogues of the game
  • Designers, 2D and 3D artists are working on the visual component of the project
  • And the developer combines all these elements into a single whole, collecting models, forcing the game world to come to life.


The term “game engine” is a direct copy of the English “Game Engine”.

In fact, this is a complex of programs combined into a single whole, with the help of which visualization, sound accompaniment, movement of game characters, their actions in accordance with scripts, and much more are provided.


This term first appeared in the mid-1990s. It was associated with games in the genre of “first-person shooter”,

or rather, with the most popular at that time Doom. The source code of this game was built very thoughtfully, with the main components highlighted: 3D graphics system, sounds, collision calculations, scripts. This led to the fact that game programmers did not write their own code, but used the achievements of the Doom developers,

having made some changes to the code: drawing other levels, changing the graphics and appearance of weapons, adjusting the rules and releasing new games based on the same code from Doom.


This is a translated course.