Business Drawing and Visual Storytelling

Learn to hand draw Visual Storytelling on Flip charts specially for Trainers, Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Are You A Manager, Trainer or Entrepreneur and wish to make your business communication more effective and engaging ?

What you’ll learn

  • To present your content in simple visual format and thinkining in metaphors instead of obvious icons..
  • Learn to make storyboards and business drawings for your presentations on various business scenarios like project viability, meetings, training, goal setting, brain storming and more..
  • Methodology to develop your own visual vocabulary in the context of your domain of work.
  • Use storyboard templates and fill it with your own content and present it..
  • Learn how to draw any object or icon using simple geometrical shapes.
  • My storyboard formula GDTCM to ideate your storyboard from scratch.
  • Learn basics of business drawing which can also be used for visual facilitation, sketch notes and graphic recording.
  • Learn what is visual thinking, what are the forms of visual thinking you can use at work and how to learn this skill..
  • Draw any object and icon with simple geometrical shapes.
  • Draw people in business postures using simple rules which you will never forget.
  • Using color patterns while making storyboards..
  • Learning visual hierarchy because what you are drawing needs to communicate the idea and not just be looking beautiful..
  • Drawing text and speech bubbles to show interaction between people..
  • Learn how information flows in a storyboard. 6 patterns of information flow.
  • Different kinds of storyboard formats like Poster, List, Process, Time, Comparision, Roadmaps and more..

Course Content

  • Course introduction and Scoping –> 2 lectures • 8min.
  • Visual Mastery : Drawing Elements for Story boarding –> 11 lectures • 1hr 19min.
  • Revision of visual mastery –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • Drawing Storyboards –> 9 lectures • 27min.

Business Drawing and Visual Storytelling


Are You A Manager, Trainer or Entrepreneur and wish to make your business communication more effective and engaging ?

Then my Visual Storytelling Online Course will help you achieve this dream. You will acquire Business Drawing Skills which you will be able to use in your office presentations, online knowledge transfer sessions, Training and Facilitation, Process Visualization, Flip Chart Presentations, visual Storytelling and Visual Co-Creation Sessions.

Course Content

1. Introduction of the Author

2. Scope of this course + What, Why, How of Visual Thinking

3. Elements of Visual Storytelling

4. Element 1: Pens and Markers

5. Element 2: Drawing Objects and Icons

6. Element 3: Drawing People , Postures, Professions and Group of people

7. Element 4: Drawing Processes

8. Element 5: Thinking in Metaphors

9. Element 6: Drawing Speech

10. Element 7: Drawing Text

11. Element 8: Using colors

12. Element 9: Drawing headers and using effects

13. ELement 10: Visual Hierarchy

14. Revision of What, Why, How and 10 elements of storyboarding

15. Introduction to Visual Storyboarding

16. Storyboarding formula GDTCM

17. Lesson 1: Goal of Storyboard

18. Lesson 2: Domain of Storyboard

19. Lesson 3: Type of Storyboard

20. Lesson 4: Components in storyboard

21. Lesson 5: Metaphors in your storyboard

22. Understanding GDTCM with two examples

23. Final Exercise


Are you always worried about your presentation being BORING & FULL OF TEXTS ?

You FEAR that your message is NOT COMING ACROSS CLEARLY ?

Do you see people YAWNING in your presentations?

Then This Online Course is CERTAINLY for you !

Visual Storytelling is the new way of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION

As consciousness of Visual Thinking is growing more and more in the modern day Corporate World and in Learning/Development Industry, it is Vital Than Never Before to acquire Visual Thinking skills in your repertoire to stand out as an Effective Manager and a Better Trainer. Even Modern Universities are realizing that Visual Note Taking is more effective than Linear Text Based Note Taking in Cognitive Learning.

With my workshops, I am trying to Empower Managers, Trainers/Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Professors to Use Visuals At Work !

Come, explore the Power of Visuals with me ?

Not only this, hand drawings communicate emotions behind what you want to convey and you do not come across as too technical or geeky.

This course is for all the professionals who wants to communicate with their Clients, Team members and Stake holders Effectively.

It is best suited for

Working Professionals | Entrepreneurs | Trainers and Facilitators

What To Expect In This Course

Visual Vocabulary building + Storyboarding techniques

Hands-on practice on the 10 elements of Business Drawing :Pens and Markers, Drawing Objects/ Icons, Drawing People, Drawing Processes, Using Metaphors, Speech Bubbles, Texts on big sheets, Coloring, Effects, Hierarchy in Visual Storyboard.

Putting your thoughts on drawing sheet is not easy. You need to know the templates, direction of information flow, types of storyboards and more. A specially designed methodology of storyboard drafting called GDTCM will help you here. All this including Basic level.


About Instructor

Piyuesh Modi lives in The Netherlands has trained more than 450 participants trained in Visual Thinking and given 2500+ man hours of Knowledge transfer to participants from 14+ countries including The Netherlands | France | India | USA | Belgium | Sweden | Hungary | Germany | China | Ukraine | Albania | Bosnia | Austria | Italy. He conducts Live Workshops in Corporate and individual Masterclasses. He also conducts Virtual Live Trainings (specially during Covid 19 scenario)

He can be contacted at

Instagram: @CuriousPiyuesh

Twitter: @CuriousPiyuesh

Facebook: CuriousPiyuesh