Assisted Living – Transform Houses into Serious Cash-Flow!

Create income while improving the lives of others!

Assisted Living Facilities are an extremely profitable, in-demand investment that are almost impervious to market fluctuations!

What you’ll learn

  • Know how to turn ordinary houses into serious cash-flow!.
  • Start a business that is profitable, fulfilling and that is able to help others in need.
  • Understand what Assisted Living is.
  • Create an Assisted Living Business.
  • Finance an Assisted Living Facility.
  • Manage an Assisted Living Facility.
  • Market an Assisted Living Facility.

Course Content

  • Making Money in Assisted Living –> 4 lectures • 11min.
  • Starting an Assisted Living Facility –> 6 lectures • 37min.

Assisted Living - Transform Houses into Serious Cash-Flow!



Assisted Living Facilities are an extremely profitable, in-demand investment that are almost impervious to market fluctuations!


High Revenue


You can rent out spaces for more than three times more than you can to regular families! You could charge $3750 a month FOR EACH ROOM! That’s $11250 in income every month!


High Demand


The Baby-Boomers are retiring!

Because of this, the demand for credible, long-term support is exploding! In fact, it’s so difficult to keep up with the demand that facilities are charging giant premiums for even shared spaces! There are currently 33 million people in the US of 65 years or older. This number is due to double in the next 25 years!


Low risk


Just like every property type, assisted living has its own business cycle. However, assisted living is needs-driven, i.e.someone goes into or puts their family member into assisted living because they have to. The buyer’s choice is not discretionary, the issues of aging leave them with little of no alternative. This is opposed to other forms of real estate such as retail, office and industrial properties, whose demand is strongly affected by the economic and job markets.  Seniors are more likely to have a large amount of savings as well as investment portfolios that provide them with income during down turns, making this a very risk averse asset.


Assisted Living facilities are extremely safe, profitable and is sought-after by millions!


But is also an incredible way to give back!

Many people are in tough situations right now. They or a love one, are unable to carry out daily tasks and they need a loving, caring environment where they will be treated with respect.

You can give that to them! Your facility can be like a real home! (not an institution) with a friendly community in a place they can feel safe and well cared for.

You can also use the profits and facility to take the load off your own family by making sure you are set up when you get older.


It’s a Win-Win situation that you can take advantage of.

What are you waiting for?

Enroll Now and gain an income stream while doing something rewarding!


Our instructor for this course is Skye Larson

She started in Assisted Living in 2009 after the 2008 crash wiped out her parent’s stock investments, leaving them with no way to pay for their senior needs.

Skye was renting out rooms in her house then transitioned to assisted living after finding that it was a better fit for her situation. Her two facilitates allowed her to retire early and spend more time with her family and create this course.


PowerPoint and video created by Robin Deibel.

She supports experts, like you,  get your ideas out in the world in a bigger way. Robin helps you leverage your knowledge by creating courses without you having to take it on all by yourself.